Shaking up the Analytics Landscape

In case you missed it, NetIQ is spinning out WebTrends. I won’t speculate why – oh hell, of course I will. I thought (and still think) that WebTrends went together with NetIQ only a small amount more than Andromedia went together with Macromedia – that is to say, not very much. The two companies have different lines of business, and web analytics ended up being a side show. WebTrends and NetIQ sell to different people in the organization – simple as that.

I’ve heard rumor of a somewhat similar web analytics deal coming down soon, as the vendor sells off its analytics business to focus on a different line of products.

Consolidation, or diversification? Apparently some people think they can’t make enough in the web analytics business, while others think they can. Interesting times.

Shaking up the Analytics Landscape

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