Do you love data?

If you haven’t seen it, the Web Analytics Association has several RSS feeds, for job postings, articles, events and press releases. And a feed that consolidates them all.

Most of the entries are for job openings. I considered posting all our job openings, but that seems excessive.

Within Yahoo’s data group, we’ve got over 70 openings. That’s not a typo. Over seventy positions, throughout software engineering, QA, product managers, statisticians, business analysts, and everything in between — and at all levels. If you’re interested in working in Sunnyvale or Pasadena, you love data in any capacity, and you appreciate a company with an executive commitment to use the data, you should check out the amazing things we’re doing. (hint: send me a resume.)

As a side benefit, you can tell your family where you work and they will have heard of the company!

Do you love data?

2 thoughts on “Do you love data?

  1. Well, 70 is a bit over the top, but how about 5 or so?

    Hopefully, your job descriptions are a bit more focused, compared to the ones on the WAA site. The general format seems to be, “Web Site Analyst, Director level, who can code in HTML, Flash, SAS, and SPSS, has been a manager for 5 years, is an accomplished user of Omniture, WebTrends, WebSideStory, Sane Solutions, Visual Sciences, and can draw up a world-class online strategy and get quick buy in from C-level officers.” While there probably are such types, in my experience they’re few and far between, and point to the industry’s immaturity and naivete — such as when someone posts for job that requires “five years experience using blog technology.”

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