Web Analytics is so 2006


I’m hearing it all over. There’s a new day on the horizon, a day when we in the web world recognize that none of this is really an exact science anyway, so why pretend?

Enough with the weighted regressions and Taguchi Methods already. It’s time to take the anal out of analysis. Instead of Web Analytics, I propose Web Casualytics. Or Fuzzylytics maybe. Or Estimytics.

Now excuse me while I go register some domain names.

Web Analytics is so 2006

4 thoughts on “Web Analytics is so 2006

  1. Bob,

    I think the reason why web analytics is based on analytics rather than fuzzy logic, causality or estimation is all about perceptions.

    Can you imagine a marketer trying to sell a concept/product to his/her CEO which is based on estimates. Obviously someone who knows web analytics will know that its not perfect, but if something is perceived as an estimate from the start then marketing it will surely become that much harder?


  2. Can I have dibs on authorship of “Fuzzy Thinking and the Internet Visitor: A Users Guide to the Things You Thought You Knew That You Really Have No Way Of Knowing”

    Nice to hear your voice again, stranger …


  3. Bob Page says:

    Matt: I’ll grant you that using more accurate terms may not engender the same level of consumer confidence!

    Eric T.: Love the book babe, let’s do lunch.

    Adrien: thank you – it’s nice to be back.

    And to all: The post was supposed to be an April Fool’s joke. Based on the email I got after I posted it, not many people got it. C’est la vie.

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