Mainstreaming Web Analytics

Once Upon A Time, I left the web analytics field for a brief respite. While I was away, a new competitor emerged, and everyone was talking about them, and I had to go figure out what made them so special.

Once Upon A Year Ago (or so), I stopped reading web analytics blogs. Now I return to find all these whippersnappers — people who actually Analyze Web Sites, not just write software that does analysis! Here, according to Technorati, are the number of blog postings in the last year that contain the phrase “web analytics”:

Technorati "web analytics"

Looks like I have some blogrolling to do.

Mainstreaming Web Analytics

One thought on “Mainstreaming Web Analytics

  1. Yes blogging has indeed become trendy not least because its good for organic search engine ranking.

    Since Google released free Analytics many people have come out of the wood work some opinion on Web Analytics.

    My opinion is that Web Analytics is finally being taken seriously, I first coined the phrase “Having a website without Web Analytics is like having a shop without any staff in it” back in 2002.


    Marcos Richardson

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