A Distinct Kicking Motion

CSS Reboot
OK so it’s May 1 and that means blogs around the globe are changing their look, thanks to CSS Reboot. I didn’t change anything on bobpage.net, but the CSS Reboot site has lots of eye candy if you want ideas.

Speaking of booting, tonight it’s all about whether or not the puck was really over the goal line.
pad save
A different video review result may have made a big change in the series, but hey, inconclusive means no change from the on-ice call. This “controversy” (the sports shows need something to talk about) follows a different Rangers-Sabres video review that everyone was talking about yesterday, where an apparent goal by Marcel Hossa was disallowed due to a distinct kicking motion. (I watched the play over and over, and to me it was not a goal — just recently the Sharks had a goal disallowed for the same reason, and it was even less obvious in the Sharks’ case.)

I’m fine with the video review system, and I don’t care how long it takes. And yeah, the officials really do seem to be off their game in the last couple of weeks. But to get whiny about it is missing the point — you should not be relying on officiating to win.

A Distinct Kicking Motion

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