PC World Gets Its Knickers In A Twist

Give me a sign
Oh brother.

One of the stories I missed while at Emetrics was the flap over at PC World Magazine. In short:

  1. Editor wants to run a 10 things we hate about Apple (followed by a 10 things we love about Apple)
  2. New CEO spikes the article
  3. Editor resigns
  4. Subscribers are pissed
  5. CEO gets moved out, new CEO search underway
  6. Editor in chief comes back
  7. PC World online publishes 10 things we hate about Apple

Sounds like the Editor-In-Chief defeats the Corporate Overlord. I suspect the reality is more complex than that.

Honestly, the “10 things we hate” article was pretty weak. Bluetooth not available? Nobody is perfect (number 6)? They don’t pre-announce security updates? Given the contrast between the hate and love articles, I’d say the writers are Apple fans. This was a puff piece for Apple in disguise, wrapped around a controversy.

PC World Gets Its Knickers In A Twist

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