Tracking Web Analytics Blogs

I’ve fallen off the blog trail again (when life gets too crazy, I stop posting *and* stop reading) so missed the little dust-up over who’s got the name-your-superlative web analytics blog.

When I re-energized this site, I started putting a blogroll up, but quickly decided that was not scalable. Instead, I decided to use with the tag wablogger … and I used a very loose definition of “web analytics”.

It seems better to have a set of social bookmarks rather than trying to maintain one’s own. If you agree, please consider contributing … I encourage you to sign up for (they have a great Firefox extension that makes getting started insanely easy) and start tagging web analytics blogs with ‘wablogger’.

Tracking Web Analytics Blogs

One thought on “Tracking Web Analytics Blogs

  1. Jen says:

    I’ll give this a shot. I have many, many blogs in my RSS reader under “work” that are not strictly web analytics, though… they may be more like “interactive marketing” or I have several on presentation. Do you have any thoughts or strong feelings about how careful we should be that the topics are geared toward web analytics? Part of me thinks that if it’s interesting to me as a practitioner, it may be interesting to others…. not sure.

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