Yahoo! Zen

Various news outlets have pointed out that Yahoo! is 10 years old on March 2, and Y! bloggers like Michael Radwin have mentioned some of the festivities. Tonight (supposedly after everyone went home, ha!) the Yahoo! gift fairies descended and distributed, among other things, an oversized commemorative 10-year book.

Throughout the book are facing “WE WERE” and “WE ARE” pages, showing Y!’s humble beginnings and where it is today. But in the last 10 (get it?) pages, there’s one “WE WERE” page that has two photos – Jerry and David – and nine “WE ARE” pages that have … by my calculations, about 6768 full-face photos, and a few hundred partial-face photos. A quick look says these are probably the face shots that appear on the employee directory. And they are in random order. So naturally, you start looking for yourself, and people you know.

A picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, it’s worth over a thousand faces:

Over the next cube, I heard a co-worker get up to leave, and say to another co-worker, who was hunched over the book:

Goodnight Rakesh. I hope you find yourself.

It was a very Zen moment.

Yahoo! Zen

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