PR in 2005

So I was IMing with a friend today. His company is doing some very cool stuff and got some good press recently. I told him he should have a “CEO’s blog” so I can find out about it:

him: i have my own pr team...
me: but if you had a ceo blog, you could link to those news items,
         and they'd show up in my RSS reader.  it would be an easy way
         for me to keep tabs on what the company is up to.
         i can't be bothered to remember to go to your web site.
him: aren't you in the opt in list
him: do you get periodic emails from us?
me: no, i don't want it in my mailbox. email is so 90s

and then he was off to do whatever CEOs do.

Dude, I know you read this and understand “connectors”.

Let people talk to you, and link to you.

PR in 2005

One thought on “PR in 2005

  1. Dude says:

    OK, so I’ve had my head down for a bit too long… Trying to launch a product in a completely new category will do that to you.

    Viral marketing comments understood. Thanks for the wakeup call.

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