An Industry on the Move

Some happenings in the web analytics industry that caught my eye today:

Omniture announced a new line of executive chairs that have built-in LCDs. This could be just the thing for busy folks to keep tabs on their site stats. The new division, Omni Furniture, has promised additional pieces in the future.

Urchin Software announced a special vertical release for banking and financial services firms. The software, Street Urchin, looks a little rough around the edges by design – apparently that “grimy feel” is playing well with the pinstripe set.

I just heard Apple has been grumbling about Coremetrics. Apparently Apple doesn’t like the use of the term “core”. The Beatles record company, Apple Corps, is not amused by Apple’s attitude. Can’t we all just get along?

Speaking of music, Visual Sciences are rumored to be changing their name to AV Sciences as they add what they call “symphonic analytics” to their lineup. Sounds interesting – ha ha!

Finally, I’m pleased to announce that Omniture CTO Brett Error and I are joining forces on a new part-time consultancy, Error Page Analytics.

An Industry on the Move

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