Apple Browser in Nokia Series 60 phones

Hmm … Apple and Nokia inked a deal to put the open source-based Safari web browser into Nokia Series 60 phones.

I wonder if this was initiated by Nokia (in which case I’d say they just wanted an alternative to Opera) or by Apple (in which case something a lot more interesting is happening)?

Given Apple’s recent decision to switch to Intel x86 chips for its Macintosh line, seems like things aren’t steady-as-she-goes in Cupertino.

Update: OK it’s not Safari, it’s WebCore and JavaScriptCore. This may have been one of the factors behind forking KHTML and KJS (from the KDE project).

Apple Browser in Nokia Series 60 phones

One thought on “Apple Browser in Nokia Series 60 phones

  1. Hopefully Apple and Nokia will get buddy buddy now and I will be able to send and receive SMS messages via the address book application soon. 🙂

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